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ERC 5.3 released

From: Michael Olson
Subject: ERC 5.3 released
Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2008 17:30:01 -0500
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I am pleased to announce the release of ERC 5.3.  The release is
available from your favorite GNU FTP mirror.

ERC is a powerful, modular, and extensible IRC client for Emacs.

The URLs for this release on the primary GNU FTP mirror are as

Tarball ::

Zipfile ::

Instructions follow for those who track the source code using git.  If
you wish to track the development of ERC, visit
<> for

This release has the signed git tag "v5.3".  The tag points at a
commit object with the ID "abd8ce6237825e640bdea8d85c37dd831e1174da".
To verify the tag, do a "git fetch origin", and then "git tag -v

The NEWS items for this release follow.

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ERC NEWS                                                       -*- outline -*-

* Changes in ERC 5.3

** New function `erc-tls' is to be used for connecting to a server via TLS.
It requires the tls.el library.

** The function `erc-ssl' will now always use ssl.el, even in the version
of ERC that comes with Emacs.

** Type `C-u' before `C-c C-j' to prompt for a channel key
`erc-join-channel' now accepts a prefix-argument to prompt for the key
when channels are protected by keywords.

** ERC will now automatically determine which nick prefixes are valid
when joining a server.

** Figure out which directory contains startup files when looking for
.erc.el.  For Emacs this is usually ~/.emacs.d, and for XEmacs this is
usually ~/.xemacs.

** Fix bug with view-mode when running erc-toggle-debug-irc-protocol.

** Permit several commands to be run even when the server connection is dead.

** Make /RECONNECT work better when the server connection is dead.
Also, handle case where the server buffer has been killed.

** Better handle interaction with /RECONNECT and indefinite reconnect
attempts.  Display message which tells the user that they can stop the
reconnect attempts by killing the server buffer.

** New option `erc-reuse-frames' determines whether new frames are always
created.  It defaults to not creating a new frame for an ERC buffer if
there is already a window displaying it.  This only has an effect when
the `erc-join-buffer' option is set to 'frame.

** New command /ME'S handles the case where someone types "/me's" in an
ERC buffer.  It concatenates the text " 's" to the beginning of the
input and then sends the result like a normal /ME command.

** Fix bug where some messages were being sent to the server too soon.
In the past, this may have resulted in strange problems like seeing
the connection attempt stall, which may have especially affected
spotty or traffic-shaped connections.

** Handle 307 (nick has identified) responses from the server.

** Display a less-confusing message if the connection attempt fails.

** On a tty, make sure that notices are displayed in blue rather than pink.

** By default, open query buffers that are initiated by others in a new
unselected window.  This may be changed by customizing the
`erc-auto-query' option.  This should make ERC more friendly to new

** New option `erc-query-display' indicates how to display a query buffer
that is made using the /QUERY command.  The default is to display the
query in a new selected window.

** By default, display network name rather than server name in the modeline.
This should ERC use less space in the modeline.  To get the old
behavior back, set `erc-mode-line-format' to "%s %a".

** New option `erc-remove-parsed-property' determines whether to remove
the 'erc-parsed property.  This should save some memory in channels
with large amounts of text on screen.  It is enabled by default.

** Modules newly enabled by default

*** move-to-prompt: Move to the prompt when typing text.
*** networks: Provide data about IRC networks.

** New formatting variables allowed in `erc-format-network':

*** `%N': the name of the network.
*** `%S': much like %s, but let the network name trump the server name.

** Compatibility with old releases

*** In `erc-server-coding-system' and `erc-coding-system-for-target', pass
the `target' argument as the first and only argument to the function
named by these options.

*** In `erc-track-faces-priority-list', permit list entries to be lists of
faces.  This can be used to differentiate between, for example,
buttons in default text and buttons in notices.

*** The `erc-assert' function has been removed in favor of using `assert'
from cl-macs.el.

*** If your application uses the 'erc-parsed text property outside of
the insert hooks, you will need to set `erc-remove-parsed-property'
to nil.

** Changes and additions to modules

*** BBDB (erc-bbdb.el)

**** Work around bug in XEmacs 21.4 that causes an error to be thrown when
the first argument to `run-at-time' is nil.

*** Button (erc-button.el)

**** Recognize parentheses that are part of URLs.

**** When in a channel, only buttonize nicks from that channel.

*** DCC support (erc-dcc.el)

**** Turn this into the "dcc" module for ERC, so that it can be more
easily enabled.

**** New option `erc-dcc-listen-host' determines which IP address to listen
on for outside connection attempts.

**** New option `erc-dcc-public-host' determines which IP address to advertise
when sending a file.  This is useful for people who are on a local
subnet.  Together, these two options replace the `erc-dcc-host'

**** New option `erc-dcc-receive-cache' indicates how much of a received
file to store in an Emacs buffer before flushing it to disk.  The
default is 0.5 MB.

**** Save only parts of received files in buffers, writing repeatedly to
disk after we get at least `erc-dcc-receive-cache' bytes.  This allows
users to receive very large files without running out of memory.

**** Rename `erc-verbose-dcc' option to `erc-dcc-verbose' and also
default it to nil.

**** Fix edge case in erc-dcc-send-sentinel.

**** If client confirms too much, then display byte count and kill the
file buffer.

*** Goodies (erc-goodies.el)

**** New module move-to-prompt causes the point to be moved to the prompt
if a user tries to type elsewhere in the buffer, and then inserts
their keystrokes after the prompt.  It is enabled by default.

**** New module keep-place keeps your place in unvisited ERC buffers
when new messages arrive.

**** Enable scroll-to-bottom in all ERC buffers when the module is enabled,
rather than having the user do it manually.

**** Fix bug with buffer ordering and scroll-to-bottom module.

**** In the unmorse module, handle the morse code style that has "/ " at
the end of every letter.

*** Identd (erc-identd.el)

**** Fix bad behavior when closing the identd process.

*** Channel lists (erc-list.el)

**** Replace the old module with a rewritten one, so that we can include
it with Emacs.  The old version of erc-list.el has been renamed to
erc-list-old.el, and is available as the list-old module.

The new version does not yet have support for XEmacs.

**** Don't display lots of output in the server buffer when running /LIST.

*** Logging (erc-log.el)

**** Permit the `erc-log-channels-directory' option to be set to a function
name.  This makes it easier to write custom functions that determine
where log files should be placed.

**** New option `erc-log-filter-function' specifies the function to call
for filtering text before writing it to a log file.  By default, no
filtering is performed.

*** Networks (erc-networks.el)

**** Turn this into the "networks" module for ERC, so that it can be more
easily enabled.  Enable it by default.

**** Add support for Rizon.

*** Internet services / Nickserv (erc-services.el)

**** New hook option `erc-nickserv-identified-hook' is run after NickServ
acknowledges a successful identification.

**** Add support for the GRnet and Rizon networks.

*** Timestamps (erc-stamp.el)

**** By default, place timestamps on both the left and the right.
The left timestamps appear once a day, and the right timestamps appear
once a minute when new messages arrive.  To change this, customize the
`erc-insert-timestamp-function' and
`erc-insert-away-timestamp-function' options.

*** Channel tracking (erc-track.el)

**** If `erc-track-position-in-mode-line' is set to nil, the tracking
information won't be shown in the mode line, which is a change from
the previous behavior of showing it "After all other information".

If this variable is set to t, then the information will be added to
the very end of the mode line.

**** New option `erc-track-remove-disconnected-buffers' controls whether
buffers associated with a server that is disconnected should be
removed from the modified buffers list.  The default is to keep them
in the list.

**** New hook option `erc-track-list-changed-hook' is run whenever the
contents of the modified channels list changes.  It is useful for
people who use a separate mechanism to provide notification of channel

**** The `erc-track-switch-direction' option now can be set to the value
'importance.  If set to this value, ERC will switch to channels in
order of importance, which is determined by the position of the
channel's face in `erc-track-faces-priority-list'.

**** Activate erc-track-minor-mode earlier in the connection process.

**** Don't track buttons in notices.

**** Get a rough idea for which channels are currently active by
switching between several normal conversation faces in the modeline.
This behavior can be modified by changing the new
`erc-track-faces-normal-list' option.

**** Ignore display of who set the default channel topic and listing of
users on the current channel.  Customize the `erc-track-exclude-types'
option to indicate the types of messages to exclude.  These two
message types are "333" and "353", respectively.

*** Support for acting as an XDCC file-server (erc-xdcc.el)

**** Turn this into the "xdcc" module for ERC, so that it can be more
easily enabled.
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