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thingatpt-utils 1.9, sh-beg-end.el 1.4

From: Andreas Röhler
Subject: thingatpt-utils 1.9, sh-beg-end.el 1.4
Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2008 09:30:42 +0100
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;; New in sh-beg-end.el:
;; Bugfix :`sh-match-paren' handles braces 

;; As `sh-end-of-form' turned out not reliable, closing
;; braces identifying the end made the default.

;;; Major changes in thingatpt-utils: 

;; XEmacs-compatibility provided. Char classes as
;; `[:graph:]' AFAIK aren't supported yet by XEmacs;
;; that might have changed with latest CVS.

;; Functions now are written THING-[ACTION-]at [ARG].
;; Called without ARG, it delivers THING
;; at point, while with ARG = 1+N it adresses Nth
;; THING after, with negative ARG Nth THING before.

;; Forms with -af and -bf aren't longer delivered.

;; Testfunctions start with th- instead of thatpt-

;; Class Whitespace now differs from Blank and is conceived 
;; as  "[ \t\r\n\f[:blank:]]"

;; `delimited-at' takes per default every string
;; between chars defined in customizable variable
;; `delimiters-at' "\"'#$/=?!:;".  Parentized-,
;; braced- and bracketed-atpt are separately available.

;;; Commentary:

;; A set of functions to return, mover over or
;; manipulate a given THING. THING may be a well known
;; form as symbol', `list', `sexp', `defun' but also a
;; new defined and abstract thing. 

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