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generic-apt.el (0.1) --- Generic apt alike interfaces for various packag

From: William Xu
Subject: generic-apt.el (0.1) --- Generic apt alike interfaces for various package management tools
Date: Sun, 06 Jul 2008 00:58:07 +0900
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Currently it supports apt-get and fink backends.  Adding new backends is
rather easy.  

;;; Commentary:

;; This extenstion tries to provide a generic apt(as used in Debian
;; GNU/Linux) alike interface over various package management tools,
;; such as: apt-get(Debian GNU/Linux), yum(redhat/fedora), emerge(Gentoo
;; GNU/Linux), fink(Mac OS X), pkg-get(Solaris), etc.

;; Put generic-apt files into your load-path first.  Then add something similar
;; to the following example to your .emacs. is a remote debian
;; machine, while localhost is a Mac OS X with fink installed.
;;     ;; Add this so that we can edit file on remote machine as root.  Also
;;     ;; note that you should config your ssh agent not to prompt password
;;     ;; while logining the remote host.
;;     (eval-after-load 'tramp
;;       '(progn
;;          (add-to-list 'tramp-default-proxies-alist
;;                '("" "\\`root\\'" "/ssh:%h:"))
;;          ))
;;     (require 'generic-apt-install)
;;     (setq generic-apt-select-methods
;;           '((apt-get "ssh sudo apt-get")
;;             (fink "sudo fink")))
;; Then type: `M-x generic-apt'.


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