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Re: switch-dir.el (v0.9.1) - switching directory easily and interactivel

From: Kazuo YAGI
Subject: Re: switch-dir.el (v0.9.1) - switching directory easily and interactively
Date: Wed, 09 Jul 2008 00:17:00 +0900
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Hi rubikitch-san,

You have a point there. `anything.el' is really useful and you make me
notice another usage of this great candidate-selection framework.

I've originally created `switch-dir.el' for GNU GLOBAL, no more and no less.
If anything(jeu de mots), I prefer to simple and small one.
Of course that's just my personal opinion.

I'll say, there's more than one way to do it, you know. :-)

And thank you for your comments. Those are exactly the points
I have to improve. I'll do those for the next version.

Thanks for your insightful view,
- Kazuo YAGI

rubikitch Wrote:
> Do you know anything.el?
> It is very great candidate-selection framework.
> It realizes your idea only 4 lines!
> (defvar anything-c-source-switch-dir
>   '((name . "Switch Directory")
>     (candidates . switch-dir-alist)
>     (action ("Change directory" . cd))))
> Then, add `anything-c-source-switch-dir' into `anything-sources'.
> * `switch-split-window-for-alist' should be split into major-mode definition 
> and
>   buffer contents definition. The former should be named as 
> `switch-dir-select-mode'.
> * `current-window-configuration' and `set-window-configuration' should be 
> used when
>   you save and restore window configuration.

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