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Re: ergonomic_keybinding_*.el -- ergonomic keybinding

From: Xah
Subject: Re: ergonomic_keybinding_*.el -- ergonomic keybinding
Date: Sat, 6 Sep 2008 20:52:17 -0700 (PDT)
User-agent: G2/1.0

> The erognomic keybinding has a new version.

Much improved new version 3.4.

Fixed compatility with cua mode, isearch, minibuffer, shell/comint
mode, info mode, and other modes: awk, rcirc, w3m, nxml. Compatible
with other major programing modes: c-mode, c++-mode, java, sh, js,
perl, php, python.

Also added just-one-space, delete-blank-lines. Added fill-paragraph,
unfill-paragraph. Added comment-dwim.


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