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java tools

From: Halil Özdemir
Subject: java tools
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 2008 23:12:28 +0100

hi emacs people,

I wrote some java functions which enable to easily compile
and run small java programmes with emacs. For example
if you want to test if a programme compiles or produces
the right output than you can use this tool.
As I am a java programmer the lisp code I wrote
may not be near to optimal or may even be some
sort of ugly. But it works.

Of course installing jde is an alternative but for me this
turned out to be complicated. Also for large projects
(large number of classes) an IDE like Eclipse is surely
the better choice. But in my experience it is quite
effective to use javatools for small programmes.

Some features:
- the classpath and sourcepath are automatically determined
from environment variables of system and the package statement
in the program
- for an applet a html file can automatically be generated and
run via appletviewer
- when the program is run also console input is possible

ok, have fun and best regards!


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