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texinfo edition of the complete works of Shakespeare

From: Bill White
Subject: texinfo edition of the complete works of Shakespeare
Date: Tue, 23 Dec 2008 10:53:41 -0600
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I've released a texinfo version of Project Gutenberg's Complete Works of
Shakespeare: -
it's basically the PG text file with texinfo chapter/section/subsection
markup added.  Please note the distribution restrictions that appear all
over the original file.

It's distributed as a gzipped tar archive. Extracting it will give you a
directory named "shakespeare" containing shakespeare.texi (the source
file) and a set of info files generated from it via Makeinfo. Find out
where info files live on your system, then put these info files in that
directory and add the following to the 'dir' file in the directory:

* Shakespeare: (shakespeare).  The Project Gutenberg Complete Works of 

The .texi file is included in case you want to make changes and
recompile the info files.

Cheers -

Bill White . address@hidden .
"No ma'am, we're musicians."

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