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Emacs' Alsaplayer version 0.12

From: Sebastian Tennant
Subject: Emacs' Alsaplayer version 0.12
Date: Sat, 10 Jan 2009 19:33:43 +0200
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Hello all,

After much needless delay I'm pleased to announce the latest version of
Emacs' AlsaPlayer (EAP); version 0.12 (codename 'Gaza Remembered').

With the addition of customisation groups (and several other
improvements) I now believe this is ready for inclusion in Emacs.

Thanks to Phillip Lord for his variable buffer names patch and advice on
how best to package Emacs Lisp goodies for easy installation.

The new, simplified installation instructions can be found at the top of
the first file; eap.el.

_Additional features included in this release_

 o   Customisation. 'M-x customize-group RET eap RET' is now possible.

 o   Easy toggling of fade-in/fade-out functionality.

 o   Forward and reverse seeking in songs (via the EAP buffer only).
     Great for listening practice when you are trying to learn a new

 o   Support for multiple soundcards via the 'eap-alsa-device' variable
     (included in the customisation group).

 o   Easier installation procedure.

_Emacs' AlsaPlayer - "Music Without Jolts"_

EAP is an Emacs interface to AlsaPlayer, a free ogg/mp3 player.  At
still under six hundred lines of code it's an extremely lightweight, yet
feature-full audio player interface.

EAP has three unique features:

 * Music Without Jolts (default fade-in/fade-out behaviour)

 * Global control of your music (no need to switch buffers)

 * Unlimited playlists (implemented as directories of symbolic links,
   which is great for other purposes such as burning CDs)

_Obtaining EAP_

Latest stable release
    (to be updated early next week)

Daily snapshot of latest SVN version

Anonymous SVN over HTTP
    svn co eap

Anonymous SVN over SVN (TCP 3690)
    svn co svn:// eap 

_Mailing lists_

Support/Development list:

Subversion activity list:

_More information_

 (to be updated early next week when an Info version of the instruction
  'manual' will also be made available)


Happy listening (and hacking),


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