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Re: ELIP 0.803 available

From: joakim
Subject: Re: ELIP 0.803 available
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2009 20:17:39 +0100
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Thien-Thi Nguyen <address@hidden> writes:

> release notes:
>   Bugfix plus user-driven improvements.
>   thi
> README excerpt:
>   This is ELIP, the Emacs Learning Instruction Program.
>   You can use it to improve long-term retention (memory)
>   of arbitrary sets of associated data.

I had some issues with getting ELIP working.

This expr:
doesnt parse this string:
tisdag, 27 januari 2009

If I change these type of expressions to:

                   (calendar-current-date) t t))

it works(in emacs 23). (you need to change all instances of
calendar-date-string like this)

I post it here if someone else encounters this problem, but its not a
really great fix since IMHO converting a date list to a string and
back to a list could be done some better way.

Joakim Verona

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