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Re: async-eval 0.1 -- execute Emacs lisp in a separate process

From: Marc Tfardy
Subject: Re: async-eval 0.1 -- execute Emacs lisp in a separate process
Date: Thu, 19 Mar 2009 12:10:45 +0100
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Marc Tfardy schrieb:
> address@hidden schrieb:
>>   Marc Tfardy writes:
>>   > Nikolaj Schumacher schrieb:
>>   >
>>   >> Since Emacs isn't capable of multi-threaded lisp, I've played around
>>   >> with executing large background tasks in a separate process and
>>   >> returning the results.
>>   >>
>>   >> The code is attached and also available from:
>>   >>
>>   >>
>>   >>
>>   >> If anybody has a "real world" use for this, please let me know.
>>   >
>>   > I have currently no use for call Emacs Lisp from Emacs Lisp, but a
>> very
>>   > need for a solution for call Emacs Lisp from C++ as "script language"
>>   > for our plugin-system at firm where I work.
>> Hi,
>> do you know about the emacs option
>>   `--script FILE'
>>        Run Emacs in batch mode, like `--batch', and then read and execute
>>        the Lisp code in FILE.
>> ?
> Yes, I known, but there is some not solved problems about communication and
> data exchange between ELisp and C++ application.

Another "disadvantage" of '--script" is that this starts Emacs, load
a file, execute the code ONCE and then exit. What I need is cyclic
execution of the same code but each time with different input data which
produces of course new result per cycle. So I don't need to load the
same code each time. In time-critical applications costs Emacs startup
to much time. Ok, Emacs isn't right tool for time-critical purposes, but
I want test this way - as opposition to our (company) Python plugin
solution (I don't like Python)


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