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ga.el 0.4 Release

From: William Xu
Subject: ga.el 0.4 Release
Date: Mon, 04 May 2009 20:47:44 +0800
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Ga is a generic apt(as used in Debian GNU/Linux) alike interface over
various package management tools.

Changes since 0.3:

| - ga-pkgsrc.el: New backend for netbsd pkgsrc tool.
| - ga-BACKEND-available-pkgs: Removed.
|   ga-available-pkgs: Defined as a list of: ((backend pkgs) ...)
|   ga-cache-list: New var.
|   (ga-update-cache): Updated due to above changes.
| - ga-method: Renamed from ga-command.
|   (ga-mode): Set mode line indicator to "Generic-apt".
| - (ga-run-1): Guard against passing empty command string.

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