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pabbrev.el version 2

From: Phillip Lord
Subject: pabbrev.el version 2
Date: Wed, 20 May 2009 12:20:33 +0100
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This is a new release of pabbrev.el. This is a bug fix release, mostly
incorporating a patch kindly submitted by Trey Jackson, which improves
the behaviour of the tab key when working in python mode. Thanks to Trey
for this!

I've also moved versioning system, which has broken my old revision
number system. In honour of this, I have randomly renumbered this
release as "version 2". 

For those new to pabbrev.el, functionality is described fully in the
commentary but in short:

The code provides a abbreviation expansion for Emacs.  Its fairly
similar to "dabbrev" expansion, which works based on the contents
of the current buffer (or other buffers).

Predictive abbreviation expansion works based on the previously
written text.  

The current user interface looks like so...


As the user types the system narrows down the possibilities.  The
narrowing is based on how many times the words have been used
previously.  By hitting [tab] at any point the user can complete the
word.  The [tab] key is normally bound to `indent-line'.
`pabbrev-mode' preserves access to this command (or whatever else
[tab] was bound to), if there is no current expansion. 

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