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From: Eli Barzilay
Subject: scroll-in-place
Date: Thu, 20 Aug 2009 19:37:48 -0400
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[Apologies for the cross-posting, but this is relevant for both

I have used Eric Eide's scroll-in-place package for a very long time.
For anyone who isn't familiar with it, the idea is that scrolling down
N times and then up N times will get you to the exact same place and
same screen position.  I find this feature extremely useful -- for
example, when you view some code and want to peek back a few pages you
don't lose any time resyncing your position later.

Making the code still usable is becoming more and more difficult (not
surprising, when the file says that the last modification happened 15
years ago).  As I switched to 23, I realized that writing such a thing
should be significantly easier given that much of that code deals with
making the scrolling visual too.  And indeed, I now have code that
does the same (and even better) at less than a 1/10th of the lines.

It's not in a standalone package, as it uses some other hacks I have
(specifically, an improved eol-tracking and a little less noisy
previous/next-line), but making it so should be very easy.  The thing
is that I don't have much time to deal with the overhead of making it
public (documenting, formatting the file, etc -- the real work).

So, if anyone is interested in completing this, I can put the code
out.  Or maybe there is someone who is involved in the whole area of
navigation, and maye do these as well of the other improvements too
(the eol tracking and up/down).

(I prefer an email reply.)

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