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Re: nterm a vt100 emulator

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: nterm a vt100 emulator
Date: Mon, 19 Oct 2009 22:10:57 -0400
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>> Could you expand a bit on it?  Mostly, how does it compare to term.el
>> and terminal.el?

> Hi Stefan,

> I wrote it because I couldn't fix the cursor bug in term.

That was my guess as well ;-)

> term and terminal are not meant to be full emulation.  term has
> a pager and line mode which nterm doesn't do.  nterm doesn't track
> current directory like term does.

That makes it sound like nterm is like term but with less features.
I'm sure there's an upside to it.  Also, if you could explain how these
different design decisions affect the ability to fix the original cursor
bug, that would be great.

> I can't comment on terminal, I haven't used it.

Neither have I.  Has someone used it?  Should we move it to `lisp/obsolete'?

> Things that remains to do:
> - Double width character
> - Double height character
> - Sanitize keyboard map
> - ANSI color
> - VT52 compatibility mode

Does it adapt to a window's size or does it have a fixed size
independent from the window where the buffer is displayed?

> I think nterm is easier to maintain than term.  One look at term's
> term-emulate-terminal function should convince anyone that term cannot
> be maintained anymore.  Compare with nterm equivalent function
> nterm-emulate it is only 25 lines long.

term.el's maintainability is indeed a problem.


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