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Re: undo-tree.el

From: Samuel Wales
Subject: Re: undo-tree.el
Date: Sat, 28 Nov 2009 14:39:16 -0700

Hi Toby,

This package addresses all of my undo concerns!  (I recently posted a
slightly humorous explanation at .)
I would be delighted if it were integrated into emacs!

FWIW, I found that characterp was not a function in Carbon Emacs
22.2.1 .  I replaced it with char-valid-p.  Don't know if that's the

One type of information that would be good to store (but standard undo
does not store it) is visibility.  If you are in org-mode, and you
undo, you want the folding state of subtrees to be as it was, else you
can undo stuff that is hidden etc.  I wonder if that is possible, or,
if not, if Emacs can be made to support it for your package.

I would recommend making the visualization mode respect
pop-up-windows, as currently it opens a new window even when that
variable is nil.  It is difficult for the user to make the mode appear
in the current window without modifying your code.

Mode help would be useful for that mode.

In that mode, up arrow for me caused "undo-tree-current accessing a
non-undo-tree".  The buffer's mode changed to Fundamental and the
visualization disappeared.

Do you know whether org-mode uses markers in a way that would require
it to restore them?  I know that it does use markers.

I will start using it all the time now and report any bugs directly to you.



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