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Sunrise Commander: Version 4 released.

From: José A . Romero L .
Subject: Sunrise Commander: Version 4 released.
Date: Tue, 29 Dec 2009 15:55:47 -0800 (PST)
User-agent: G2/1.0

Hello, Emacs Community!

After almost a whole year of work,  I'm  releasing  version 4  of the
Sunrise Commander file manager for GNU  Emacs.  Here is a list of the
most important and noteworthy changes made since version 3 (r170) was
first published:


* Faster (and more  compliant with the specification) implementations
  of copy and rename operations.

* Pane history rings can now be made persistent across Emacs sessions
  using savehist.

* Broken symbolic links are now automatically marked and highlighted,
  so they can be spotted right away.

* Improved  delete  command  with  "(a)lways"  option  for  recursive

* Improved panes transposing (smaller footprint, does not recalculate
  the state of the panes).

* Improved window resizing and layout switching.


* File info (y) can be used to calculate (recursively) the total size
  in bytes of all marked / selected files and directories.

* Cloning (K). It may happen that you need to make a copy of a deeply
  nested tree of directories, but without any of the files inside, or
  make only hard (or symbolic) links instead of regular files. That's
  what cloning is for.  Copying recursively a directory is a especial
  case of cloning.

* Path projection (C-M-o).   Given two sufficiently similar directory
  trees (for instance, two branches of some project from SVN), if you
  navigate deep inside one of them, path projection lets you move the
  passive pane to the equivalent directory in the other tree with one
  single keystroke.

* Tabbed interface (provided by the sunrise-x-tabs extension).

* Always visible (clickable) directory paths in both panes, even when
  scrolling very long directories (provided by the sunrise-x-modeline

* New checkpoints (pane bookmarks) implementation, tightly integrated
  with the bookmarks framework in Emacs 23. The old implementation is
  still available (particularly for Emacs 22 users, as the new one is
  not backwards compatible). In any case, the feature is now provided
  as an extension (sunrise-x-checkpoint and sunrise-x-old-checkpoint)
  and is totally optional. It also integrates better with the rest of
  Emacs than before.


* Bugfix: backup files with "~" suffix are now correctly copied.

* Added support for multiple frames  (the panes are "stolen" from the
  previous frame).

* Sunrise is now automatically disabled when its frame is closed.

* Simplified ediff functionality, works now OK with PSVN.

* Additional scrolling  commands (C-e, C-y). When quick-viewing these
  commands effect the viewer window instead of the current pane.

* other-window (C-x o) now selects the active pane when moving from a
  non-sunrise window.

* Added support for comparing directories by (n)ame.

* sr-dired-prev-subdir (J,^) can be now prefixed with a digit to make
  higher jumps than one directory at a time.

* Now also directories and symbolic links can be Quick-Viewed (o).

* Changed "directory comparison"  to "pane contents comparison" (with
  additional support for VIRTUAL mode)

* Fixed find and locate operations to leave alone the buffers created
  by previous operations.

* Virtual panes use now relative paths when possible.

* Synchronizing panes (M-o) and opening new virtual buffers (C-c C-v)
  can be now prefixed with a digit to effect the active pane, instead
  of the passive one.

* Fixed support for virtual copying in W32

* Removed leading "." entry from pure virtual buffers.

For more  details on the Sunrise  Commander, a list  of all currently
available extensions, and several useful tips and tricks visit:

or download it directly from:

As usually, enjoy ;-) Any contributions, suggestions or comments will
be very welcome.

Cheers, and Happy 2010!
José Alfredo Romero L.
escherdragon at
"The opposite of war is not peace -- it's creation." (Jonathan Larson)

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