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From: Kevin Ryde
Subject: sqlite-dump.el
Date: Sun, 03 Jan 2010 11:37:16 +1100
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This few lines lets you view sqlite database files as SQL ".dump" from
the sqlite or sqlite3 program, using the format-alist mechanism.  You
can edit and save, if you trust .dump is round-trip safe on your

There's no auto-mode-alist entries yet, though *.sqlite is one
possibility.  It's used by recent mozilla (under ~/.mozilla) for
bookmarks, history, etc.

The code has a workaround for the write-region-post-annotation-function
problem (the one that turns make-temp-file into kill-buffer), but as
usual I'm not 100% certain of the unibyte/multibyte handling - except it
works for me, at least with underlying file-coding-system-alist set for
raw-text-unix on the file.

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