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less.el 0.4 --- less style view mode

From: William Xu
Subject: less.el 0.4 --- less style view mode
Date: Sat, 02 Jan 2010 18:55:33 +0800
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less.el provides a light weight minor mode for viewing files in less(as
in the terminal) style.  Keys like f, b, j, k, g, G will be available
for handy navigation.  

Differences between less.el and view.el: 
  1. less-style keys
  2. less.el is a minor mode, whereas, view.el is a major mode.  
  3. less.el only defines limited keys, trying its best not to interfere
     keymaps in major mode.

Changes since 0.3
  * auto-less-exclude-regexp: New var.
  * (auto-less-minor-mode): Turn on less mode for files not matching

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