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Re: iedit mode V0.5 - new way of replace-string

From: Victor
Subject: Re: iedit mode V0.5 - new way of replace-string
Date: Mon, 01 Feb 2010 15:15:21 GMT
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This is a new release of iedit mode.

In this release I add several new features:
 - toggle whether to display lines except lines contain occurrences.
   (default key binding is "C-'")
 - Switch to iedit mode from isearch mode directly
 - Add an option for whether to use symbol at current point as
   occurrence input by default.

Now iedit mode can be used as a new way of replace-string + an enhanced

Enjoying it. 

Any comments and suggestions are welcome.

Best Regards,

 > This package provides a more intuitive way of replace-string operation
 > (at least for me):
 > - Mark the content in the buffer
 > - Start iedit minor mode - by press C-;
 >   All of the same contents in the buffer are highlighted
 > - Edit one of the them
 >   The change is applied to all other contents simultaneously
 > - Finish - by pressing C-; again

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