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company 0.5 -- extensible inline text completion mechanism

From: Nikolaj Schumacher
Subject: company 0.5 -- extensible inline text completion mechanism
Date: Wed, 24 Feb 2010 16:23:17 +0100
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Company is a modular completion mechanism.

This version is compatible with Semantic in Emacs 23.2 and from the latest CEDET CVS. (Thanks to Oleg Andreev!)

A new back-end for the Clang Static Analyzer is included. It requires the development version (1.1) of clang[1].

The Clang back-end supports ObjC. To facilitate insertion of Objc selectors with many arguments a new template mechanism has been added. I'd especially like feedback on this, as I want to use it to show function parameter names in other languages, as well.

The ropemacs and Semantic back-ends now feature improved retrieval of meta-data. (Thanks to Fernando H. Silva and Oleg Andreev!)

As always, the latest version is available at

It has also been submitted to ELPA (

kind regards,
Nikolaj Schumacher

Be sure to ./configure --enable-optimized for acceptable speed.

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