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SML-mode 4.1

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: SML-mode 4.1
Date: Tue, 04 May 2010 15:48:58 -0000
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A new release of SML-mode is out, not even 6 years after the last one.
If you want to volunteer as maintainer, please get in touch.
It's at:

It has a few new features, but they are actually several years old
(they just sat in the CVS/Svn repository), so the new support for MLton
was not actually tested with a recent MLton :-(


Changes since 4.0:

* Switch to GPLv3+.

* When possible (i.e. running under Emacs>=23), be case-sensitive when
  expanding abbreviations, and don't expand them in comments and strings.

* When you `next-error' to a type error, highlight the actual parts of the
  types that differ.

* Flush the recorded errors not only upon sml-compile and friends, but also
  when typing commands directly at the prompt.

* New command sml-mlton-typecheck.

* Simple support to parse errors and warnings in MLton's output.

* Simple support for MLton's def-use files.

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