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profile-dotemacs.el - Profile your Emacs init file

From: David Engster
Subject: profile-dotemacs.el - Profile your Emacs init file
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2010 19:19:10 +0200
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This file lets you easily profile your Emacs init file (or any other
script-like Emacs Lisp file, for that matter).

It will go over all sexp’s (balanced expressions) in the file and run
them through ‘benchmark-run’. It will then show the file with overlays
applied in a way that let you easily find out which sexp’s take the most
time. Since time is relative, it’s not the absolute value that counts
but the percentage of the total running time.


Start emacs as follows:

emacs -Q -l PATH/profile-dotemacs.el -f profile-dotemacs

with PATH being the path to where this file resides.

Further information (including screenshot) is on the EmacsWiki:

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