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Re: Can someone give me an example of the SNAME type ?

From: Rivka Miller
Subject: Re: Can someone give me an example of the SNAME type ?
Date: Wed, 08 Dec 2010 15:54:10 -0000
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Can someone explain me the essential parts of this function,
specifically, with some examples of SNAME ? How should the SNAME look
like ?

     DEFUN ("or", For, Sor, 0, UNEVALLED, 0,
       doc: /* Eval args until one of them yields non-nil, then return
     value. The remaining args are not evalled at all.
     If all args return nil, return nil.
     usage: (or CONDITIONS ...)  */)
          Lisp_Object args;
       register Lisp_Object val = Qnil;
       struct gcpro gcpro1;

       GCPRO1 (args);

       while (CONSP (args))
           val = Feval (XCAR (args));
           if (!NILP (val))
           args = XCDR (args);

       return val;

More info here


On Jun 30, 11:51 am, Rivka Miller <address@hidden> wrote:
> The following page describes it
> and this page has a pretty format
> Some concrete examples could clarify the basic idea to a point where I
> can write my own function with an idea of whats going on in the
> background.
> My school does not allow posting from the usenet, so I must use google.

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