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inkmacs.el -- Inkscape Emacs fusion

From: joakim
Subject: inkmacs.el -- Inkscape Emacs fusion
Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2011 14:11:26 +0100
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* INKMACS - Inkscape Emacs fusion
** What is Inkmacs?
Inkmacs is a fusion between Inkscape and Emacs. Well, in the far
future at least. But its kind of cool right now also.

Inkscape is a very capable free software vector drawing tool. Emacs is
the One True Editor. 

With Inkmacs you can use Emacs to do interesting things with Inkscape
using DBUS IPC.

Inkmacs lives here:

** Inkorg-mode
Synchronize Inkscape text nodes with Org mode text nodes.

Edit an Org mode file as usual. m-x inkorg-mode starts a linked
inkscape node. c-m-x creates or syncs the text of the current org node
with an inkscape node. c-u c-m-x syncs the whole tree.

You can move the nodes and format the text in inkscape. only the text
is kept in the org tree.

** image mode support
Create Elisp macros that perform Inkscape edit operations

m-x inkscape-open-buffer-file opens the svg file in the current emacs
buffer in inkscape. A dbus link is established.

Joakim Verona

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