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XDG Base Directory Specification library

From: Francisco Miguel Colaço
Subject: XDG Base Directory Specification library
Date: Tue, 02 Aug 2011 13:11:58 +0100


  I have made a small library called xdg-paths.el (now that I think of
it, it should have been called xdg-dirs), that I use extensively in
my .emacs
  This library defines several directories (user-emacs-config-directory,
for example) where the user emacs-related files can be stored.  It also
defines convenience functions to locate them, like
locate-user-config-file or locate-user-lisp-file and functions that will
add lisp files located within user-emacs-lisp-directory to load-path.
  Please consider adding the library to the standard emacs distribution,
as soon as it is reviewed and improved by the list members and emacs

  Best wishes,

    Francisco Colaço

Francisco Miguel Colaço <address@hidden>

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