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Re: elisp-docstring-preview.el v.1

From: Uwe Brauer
Subject: Re: elisp-docstring-preview.el v.1
Date: Thu, 29 Sep 2011 13:11:02 +0200
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>> Regarding Re: elisp-docstring-preview.el v.1; Kevin Ryde <address@hidden> 
>> adds:

   > Uwe Brauer <address@hidden> writes:
   >> elisp-docstring-preview.el:344:1:Warning: the function
   >> `apropos-describe-plist' is not known to be defined.

   > As long as it's only a warning it won't matter.

Hm well.
   > I forget why I didn't just (eval-and-compile (require 'apropos)).
   > Some good reason no doubt ... :)

but what is the function suppose to do? I can't see any
effect (Xemacs 21.5.29 or GNU emacs 23.1.1)
maybe some screenshot in some place would  be a good idea.

   > During construction of the Sydney Olympic stadium
   > workmen shortened the 100m track to 94m to make room
   > for a communications pit.  Someone only noticed before
   > the Games when an under-16 schoolboys meet broke the
   > Commonwealth record.

That is a joke or the sad truth?

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