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SML-mode 5.0beta1 pretest

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: SML-mode 5.0beta1 pretest
Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2012 21:02:42 -0400
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A new version of sml-mode is in pretest.  You can get it from:

It should behave mostly identically to the current release (version
4.1), but the version number bump reflects a significant change in the
code: it was reshuffled to use fewer files, and it indentation code was
completely rewritten to use the SMIE engine which provides generic
indentation and navigation support.

The use of SMIE brings a few side-benefits: blink-paren matching of
things like let..end (requires Emacsā‰„24); auto-fill-mode can choose good
places to cut a line (upcoming in Emacs-24.2); and yet more to come.

On emacsen that do not come with SMIE, sml-mode will automatically
fallback on the old indentation code (stashed in sml-oldindent.el).


Changes since 4.1:

* New indentation code using SMIE when available.

* `sml-back-to-outer-indent' is now on S-tab (aka `backtab') rather than M-tab.

* Support for electric-layout-mode and electric-indent-mode.

* `sml-mark-defun' tries to be more clever.

* A single file (sml-mode.el) is needed unless you want to use an interactive
  process like SML/NJ, or if your Emacs does not provide SMIE.

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