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erc-avatars.el 1.0

From: Benjamin Drieu
Subject: erc-avatars.el 1.0
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2012 13:11:10 +0200
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This module insert custom avatar in front of nicks speaking through IRC.
It has also been designed to work with the bitlbee gateway (probably)
out of the box.

To use is, just load this module, for instance:

  (load-file "/path/to/erc-avatars.el")

ERC avatars will try to match nicks with filenames in the
erc-avatars-dir path, removing common decoration (leading/trailing
underscores or backquotes).  I.e. benj.png will match "_benj_" or

Additionally, configuration can be made through the erc-avatar-list
customizable variable in the same manner.

The following will associate <erc-avatars-dirs>/benj.png to "benj",
"_benj_", "bEnj[work]", "moi" or any other combination.  Also, del.png
will be associated to "del", "ailee" and the like.

  (setq erc-avatars-list '(("benj.png" "benj.*" "moi")
                            "del.png" "del" "ailee"))

Code included as an attachement.

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