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Sunrise Commander: Version 6 released

From: escherdragon
Subject: Sunrise Commander: Version 6 released
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2012 16:32:30 -0700 (PDT)
User-agent: G2/1.0

Hello, Emacs Community!

I have just released version 6 of the Sunrise Commander file manager
for GNU Emacs (yay!). Here is a list of the most interesting changes
made since version 5 was released:

* Uses lexical bindings (new in Emacs 24) in the core script, as well
  as in all extensions.

* Automatic killing of unused buffers can be now disabled by setting
  the new `sr-kill-unused-buffers' custom variable to nil (some users
  actually prefer killing their buffers manually).

* Automatic loading of installed extensions can be now disabled by
  setting the new `sr-autoload-extensions' custom variable to nil.

* New, "better behaved" and more intuitive implementation of history
  navigation (press M-y to move back, M-u to move forward).

* Added "Run Executable File" function (X).

* Added "Flatten Branch" function (C-c b), which allows to display a
  flat view of the items contained in the current directory and all
  its sub-directories (recursively) in the active pane.

* Added "Prune Paths" (C-c p) function, which allows to kill all the
  lines in the active pane that match a given regexp.

* Added "Follow Viewer" function (C-c ;) to jump to the directory of
  the file currently displayed in the viewer window.

* Implemented sorting or entries in VIRTUAL panes, based on file

* Added numerical sorting (e.g. file2.txt BEFORE file10.txt) and
  sorting in reverse order (r).

* Copy operations in Sunrise now honor the `dired-copy-preserve-time'

* Added support for `dired-omit-mode' (C-o) and other commands from
  inside sticky searches (C-c s).

* Added support for launching command-line programs different than
  the configured default (C-c M-t).

* Added %a, %A, %p and %P macro expansions (for 'a'ctive and
  'p'assive panes) in command line integration.

* Invoking repeatedly `sr-term' (C-c t) cycles through all currently
  open terminals.

* `sr-dired' can now be used like `dired' in the command line in

* Added support (via AVFS) for *.tar.xz and *.apk compressed

* The default percentage of vertical space occupied by the panes can
  now be configured via the new `sr-windows-default-ratio' custom

* Opening files in external applications do not affect any more
  neither the state of the panes, nor the history of the "quick view"

* `sr-find-grep' (C-c C-g) now accepts additional grep parameters
  (-i, -e, etc) when invoked with a C-u prefix.

* Uses enriched-mode to maintain file name attributes in saved
  virtual buffers.

* Selective hiding/transforming of file attributes in Sunrise
  panes. By setting appropriately the value of the
  `sr-attributes-display-mask' custom variable, one can select what
  specific attributes will be hidden when invoking
  `sr-toggle-attributes' (C-c backspace), and how the remaining
  attributes will be displayed.

* Improved path projection feature with auto-repeat:
  `sr-project-path' (C-M-o) invoked repeatedly cycles through all
  alternative projections of the current directory in the passive

* Created new "Windows Addons" extension (sunrise-x-w32-addons).

* Now available also via el-get (
  and MELPA (


* Added frame re-usability "styles" (see `sr-popviewer-style' for
  details) and support for terminals in popped viewer frames.

* Major refactoring by Štěpán Němec: the extension is now a proper
  minor mode.


* Once a tab has been renamed (C-j), its original name can be now
  restored by pressing C-j [RET] (i.e. with an empty "new name").


* Added support (via AVFS) for *.tar.xz and *.apk compressed

* Critical bugfix: avoid deadlocks in FUSE when committing nested


* Major refactoring and clean-up by Štěpán Němec.

A Big Thank You to Štěpán Němec, Vitalie Spinu, John Wiegley, Andreas
Politz, Boris Kheyfets, Nicolas Dudebout, sindikat and all others who
with their contributions, suggestions, questions and requests for new
features have helped improving this project.

For more details on the Sunrise Commander visit:

Enjoy ;-)
José A. Romero L.
escherdragon at gmail
"A well-written program is its own heaven;
a poorly-written program is its own hell."
(The Master Programmer)

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