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Re: mic-paren.el 3.10 available

From: Frank Fischer
Subject: Re: mic-paren.el 3.10 available
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2012 06:24:45 +0000 (UTC)
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On 2012-07-25, address@hidden <address@hidden> wrote:
> Dear Mr. Nguyen,
> Thank you for releasing this updated version of mic-paren.el.
> As I use Viper, a Vim-emulation mode, I looked into the
> customization group mic-paren-matching, hoping to find a way to
> emulate the way Vim uses to highlight parentheses. I found nothing.

Evil [1], another vim emulation mode, does highlight matching
parentheses as vim does. This is achieved by advising
`show-paren-function'. I attached the advice below, maybe it helps

(defadvice show-paren-function (around evil)
  "Match parentheses in Normal state."
  (if (if (memq 'not evil-highlight-closing-paren-at-point-states)
          (memq evil-state evil-highlight-closing-paren-at-point-states)
        (not (memq evil-state evil-highlight-closing-paren-at-point-states)))
    (let ((pos (point)) syntax narrow)
      (setq pos
            (catch 'end
              (dotimes (var (1+ (* 2 evil-show-paren-range)))
                (if (zerop (mod var 2))
                    (setq pos (+ pos var))
                  (setq pos (- pos var)))
                (setq syntax (syntax-class (syntax-after pos)))
                 ((eq syntax 4)
                  (setq narrow pos)
                  (throw 'end pos))
                 ((eq syntax 5)
                  (throw 'end (1+ pos)))))))
      (if pos
            (goto-char pos)
              (when narrow
                (narrow-to-region narrow (point-max)))
        ;; prevent the preceding pair from being highlighted
        (when (overlayp show-paren-overlay)
          (delete-overlay show-paren-overlay))
        (when (overlayp show-paren-overlay-1)
          (delete-overlay show-paren-overlay-1))))))



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