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el-rcfiles v1.0

From: Didier Verna
Subject: el-rcfiles v1.0
Date: Tue, 28 May 2013 15:24:05 +0200
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I've been using this for years, but never got to make it public until
recently. It's a very small and simple library for providing Unix-like
rc files to Emacs Lisp libraries.

All the details are here:

and this is the commentary section, for quick reference:

;;; Commentary:

;; The purpose of el-rcfiles is to provide the equivalent of traditional
;; Unix rc files (i.e. configuration files) for Emacs Lisp
;; libraries. The advantages of using configuration files are the
;; following:
;;   - your initialization file is less bloated,
;;   - since configuration files are lazily loaded, your Emacs session
;;     is (or begins) lighter. That is unless you already use lots of
;;     EVAL-AFTER-LOAD forms...

;; Usage:

;; 1. Load the library, go to the rcfiles Custom group and tweak (or not).
;; 2. Put a call to (rcfiles-register-rc-files) in your initialization
;;    file. This function can also be called interactively anytime you
;;    add, remove or modify a configuration file.
;; 3. Put your configuration code for a library `foo' in a file called
;;    `<rcfiles-directory>/foo<rcfiles-pseudo-extension>.el'.

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