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psgml updated to work with compilation-start (instead of compile-interna

From: Florian v. Savigny
Subject: psgml updated to work with compilation-start (instead of compile-internal)
Date: Sat, 27 Jul 2013 09:33:21 -0400

I have updated the sgml-validate function of Lennart Staflin's psgml
package, which was necessary because compile-internal no longer
exists. It works again now (for details please see the ChangeLog).

The updated package is available on the Marmalade repo:

There seems to be further trouble ahead, at some point in the future,
of the type

   (lambda (cons) ...) quoted with ' rather than with #'

but I won't take care of that before this syntax becomes outlawed
(hoping somebody else has done it by then ;-) );

Comments and other contributions are most welcome!

Best regards,


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