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mic-paren.el 3.11 available

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: mic-paren.el 3.11 available
Date: Fri, 20 Sep 2013 11:02:36 +0200
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Greetings earthlings,

Spurred by

, i looked more closely at mic-paren code than i had ever before, and
still maintained sanity.  The solution embodied by this release is not
completely satisfactory (see NB in Commentary), but i figured it's
better to circulate than stagnate, while i turn to other matters.

NEWS excerpt:

  - Added support for recognizing SML-style comments as a sexp.

Home page (includes source code):

Solicitation to support mic-paren (and other Free Software) development:

If you do not have web access, email me privately (w/ a suitable subject
line and GnuPG public key) and i'll be glad to send you the source code.

Thien-Thi Nguyen
   GPG key: 4C807502
   (if you're human and you know it)
      read my lisp: (responsep (questions 'technical)
                               (not (via 'mailing-list)))
                     => nil

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