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easy-kill: drop-in replacement for kill-ring-save

From: Leo Liu
Subject: easy-kill: drop-in replacement for kill-ring-save
Date: Sun, 06 Oct 2013 17:40:04 +0800
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Hi there,

Package easy-kill.el provides a more powerful command `easy-kill' for
key M-w.

easy-kill tries in order:

1. current region if active
2. url at point
3. email at point
4. current line

Keys (customisable) immediately following M-w:

1. w -> word at point
2. s -> sexp at point
3. f -> file at point
4. l -> list at point
5. d -> defun at point
6. b -> buffer-file-name
7. + -> extend current selection
8. - -> shrink current selection

Development is in and comments are


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