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From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: artist-subpixel.el
Date: Fri, 21 Feb 2014 14:47:11 +0100
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Greetings earthlings,

I'm polishing up gnugo.el for addition to ELPA and in the process am
pondering what to do about the balky image support.  It's balky for
several reasons, the pertinent one for this post being the chain of
feature dependencies:

 gnugo (optionally) requires gnugo-xpms
 which requires fulminate-gnugo-xpms
 which requires both artist-subpixel
                 and xpm-fulmination

(This is if you want custom XPMs, e.g.:

Attachment: screenshot.png
Description: PNG image

There are non-dynamic XPM sets floating around as well, the ones i'm
aware of gathered (temporarily) at <>.
(Too, gnugo.el is also happy to avoid such profligate pixel pushing...))

All of these features (implemented as libraries of the same name) were /
are part of ttn-pers-elisp, but that grot hasn't seen a release since
2008-03-03, so probably everyone has forgotten about them.

One rathole-exit strategy is to put everything in ELPA, so as to share
the joy (that is, maintenance burden).  This involves a recursive
polishing step, which i fear would delay gnugo.el release even more
given my slow pace.  As it turns out, however, one of the pieces,
artist-subpixel actually has a bugfix/wishlist nature, and so does not
merit the Full Treatment.  So, i post it here:

Attachment: artist-subpixel.el
Description: application/emacs-lisp

The best outcome i think would be Someone stepping up to say "hey ttn,
that kind of stuff is already in artist.el, just do X Y Z..."  Next best
would be Someone integrating this (simple) stuff into artist.el proper.
Any artist.el lovers out there?

BTW, i should also mention that the z.3MzFQeDd dir is temporary until i
find a new gnugo.el (et al) maintainer.  If you think you would like to
be that person, and are not daunted by the WIP ELPA branch ttn-gnugo
(where the polishing is occurring), then i invite you to tell me your
thoughts on the subject by private mail.

Thien-Thi Nguyen
   GPG key: 4C807502
   (if you're human and you know it)
      read my lisp: (responsep (questions 'technical)
                               (not (via 'mailing-list)))
                     => nil

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