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Lentic 0.6: Multiple Syntactic Views over Buffers

From: Phillip Lord
Subject: Lentic 0.6: Multiple Syntactic Views over Buffers
Date: Wed, 07 Jan 2015 14:57:34 +0000
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Lentic.el 0.6 is now available.

Lentic provide an solution for editing in two modes. Two lentic buffers, by
default, the two share content but are otherwise independent. Therefore, you
can have two buffers open, each showing the content in different modes; to
switch modes, you simply switch buffers. The content, location of point, and
view are shared.

However, lentic also allows a bi-directional transformation between lentic
buffers -- the buffers can have different but related text. This allows, for
example, one buffer to contain an Emacs lisp file, while the other contains
the same text but with ";;" comment characters removed leaving the content in
org-mode, enabling a form of literate Emacs-Lisp programming with no change to
either org-mode or Emacs-Lisp. Ready made transformations are also available
for Clojure, latex and asciidoc.

Lentic is both configurable and extensible, using the EIEIO object system.

Lentic was previously known as Linked-Buffers.

The 0.6 release is heavily refactored from previous versions and includes an
incremental update feature which performs well, coping well with buffers of
3-4k lines in length.

Available on MELPA-stable, MELPA and Marmalade

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