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EDB 1.33 available

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: EDB 1.33 available
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2017 20:55:44 +0200

release notes:

  From 1/5 to 1/4 in 1.33 the time, yuk yuk.
  OTOH, easy come, easy go.
  Were all things realizedly so!

README excerpt:

  This directory contains EDB, the Emacs Database.
  EDB was written by Michael Ernst <address@hidden>,
  and is being maintained by Thien-Thi Nguyen <address@hidden>.

NEWS for 1.33 (2017-06-17):

  - Installation change: ‘database.el[c]’ in ‘${sitelisp}’

    Previously, "make install" created, and copied all *.el[c] to,
    directory ‘${sitelisp}/edb/’ with the expectation that there
    exist file ‘${sitelisp}/subdirs.el’ (or equivalent) to add
    ‘${sitelisp}/edb’ to ‘load-path’.

    Now, "make install" copies ‘database.el[c]’ to ‘${sitelisp}/’
    (and the rest to ‘${sitelisp}/edb/’, as previously).  On load,
    ‘database.el[c]’ adds ‘${sitelisp}/edb’ to ‘load-path’.

    Furthermore, "make install" touches ‘${sitelisp}/edb/.nosearch’
    to inhibit the (possibly pre-existing) subdirs.el from nosing
    about there.

    The overall result of this change is to make casual installation
    under non-standard ‘${sitelisp}’ more likely to work out of the
    box.  It's enough to have ‘${sitelisp}’ already in ‘load-path’:

     $ ./configure --prefix /tmp/ignore --with-sitelisp=/tmp/eval
     $ make all check install installcheck
     $ emacs -q -Q -L /tmp/eval --eval "(require 'database)"
     $ make uninstall      # or reboot to clear /tmp  :-P

    That's it!  Hopefully, this encourages play and feedback.

    Another benefit of this approach is one less directory in
    ‘load-path’ (be nice to old/slow computers and their users) for
    sessions that do not require EDB.  Presume less, resume more!

  - Documentation changes

    - New chapter: Convenience libraries

      The EDB manual now includes (info "(edb) Convenience libraries")
      to document ‘edb-t-human-names.el’ and ‘edb-t-places-usuk.el’
      data structures and functions.

    - Manual declared UTF-8, more spacious

      This basically means the Info format output now sports nice
      single quotation marks: not `this', not 'this', but ‘THIS’.

      Also, there are more blank lines between non-trivial table items
      (see <> for details).

  - SKRAM changes

    - Accountability via prefixed ‘message’

      In ‘skram/’, the Emacs Lisp ‘bfuncs’ (and new file ‘bfuncs-edb’)
      functions use a prefixed ‘message’ to let you know who is doing
      what.  This is (marginally :-D) more interesting than before.

    - New database: ‘examples-syms.edb’

      After configuration and "make", you can try:

       $ cd skram
       $ make

      and play with ‘examples-syms.edb’ there.  This database contains
      EDB API elements used by ‘*.{edb,dba}’ files under ‘examples/’.
      This process also demonstrates programmatic report generation
      (file ‘skram/’).

    - More "ok"

      Thanks to the new chapter in the manual (see above), the number
      of entries with ‘thumbs-one’ value "ok" has increased
      from 121 (20.4%) to 151 (25.5%) -- woo hoo!

  - Tools used for bootstrap/maintenance


     GNU gnulib 2017-05-28 11:51:08

    as before:

     GNU Autoconf 2.69
     GNU Automake 1.15
     GNU texinfo 6.3

tarball, examples, etc. in dir:

atom feed:

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