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Re: erc-burnt-toast - Provide Windows Notification Center to erc with bu

From: Michael Albinus
Subject: Re: erc-burnt-toast - Provide Windows Notification Center to erc with burnt-toast and erc-match
Date: Tue, 03 Mar 2020 16:32:26 +0100
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Corwin Brust <address@hidden> writes:

>> Is there a comparable facility on GNU/Linux that your package could
>> also support?
> I had been seeing this module used from init/config as such:
> (if (are-we-running-under-ms-windows-p)
>     (erc-burnt-toast 1)  ;; setup PowerShell notifcations
>   (my-setup-dbus))  ;; setup built-in notifications
> In consideration of your question, I see two obvious answers:
> I put erc-burnt-toast together because I couldn't find a way to do
> this at all for Windows 10.   There are quite a few good solutions
> available under GNU/Linux, including DBUS support in core Emacs.  In
> fact, I think DBUS support works even under Windows for Cygwin Emacs
> users.
> I would love to see core Emacs (and/or a popular notifications
> modules) support notifications for all platforms natively.  To that
> end, I'm absolutely fine with folding the 15-30 or so important sloc
> from this solution into an existing package, or more than one of them
> if that makes sense.   That said, I'm leery of offering up brand-new
> feature, lightly tested by the author, to a stable package a
> potentially much larger portion of the user base depends on.
> Especially in as much as it would bring along a system dependency in
> the form of the Burnt-Toast PowerShell module.   Maybe there's a way
> to use the advice system to install globally but only affect Windows
> users and implicitly take settings meant for DBUS setup?

erc-desktop-notifications.el, part of the ERC subsystem, supports
GNU/Linux notifications only if I'm not misguided.

There is alert.el on MELPA, which supports different platforms
(including GNU/Linux via D-Bus). I believe, MS Windows/Powershell is not
supported yet (but I'm not sure). Maybe your Powershell related code
could be plugged in.

There is also erc-alert.el at
which uses alert.el for ERC notifications. Since this package is not
available on GNU ELPA or MELPA, I don't know its status.

Maybe one could try to merge all of them together, somehow. alert.el and
erc-alert.el are written by John Wiegley, the Emacs maintainer. He will
know much better the status and future plans.

> Corwin
> address@hidden

Best regards, Michael.

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