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[GNU ELPA] Emms version 7.6

From: ELPA update
Subject: [GNU ELPA] Emms version 7.6
Date: Mon, 09 Aug 2021 17:02:53 -0400

Version 7.6 of package Emms has just been released in GNU ELPA.
You can now find it in M-x package-list RET.

Emms describes itself as:
  The Emacs Multimedia System

More at

Recent NEWS:

New in 7.6

    * Change the way we write the NEWS file: "New in..." instead of "News 
    * emms-player-mpv.el: Fix customize.
    * Document how `emms-player-mpv-update-metadata' works.
    * emms-player-mpd: fix caching behavior.

News since version 7.4

  - emms-player-mpv.el: fix reconnect-playback-restart issue.

News since version 7.3

  - emms-player-mpv.el: explicitly unpause after switching to a new track.

News since version 7.2

  - Add support for the audiotools tracktag executable.
  - Errors reading track metadata no longer stalls building the playlist.

News since version 7.1

  - Make it possible to force-update Emms cache.
  - Myriad bug fixes and code improvements.
  - Move jack.el into the Emms namespace.

News since version 7.0

  - Add authinfo support for streaming.
  - Allow easily disabling the icon in the modeline.

News since version 6.3

  - Native reading of file metadata via emms-info-native.
  - emms-tag-editor: add pipe capability.
  - Compatibility with lexical scoping.
  - Improvements to the fine manual.

News since version 6.2

  - Updated documentation

News since version 5.4

  - Emms is now available via the GNU ELPA repository.
  - New info method: tinytag.
  - New info method: exiftool.
  - emms-volume.el: Fix missing quote in emms-volume-change-function.
  - namespace cleanup (emms-later-do.el).

News since version 5.3

  - Updated Website launched.
  - New and simplified emms-streams.el implementation.
  - New streaming radio stations.
  - Use track-at-point as a hint for guessing emms-add directory.
  - Bug fix: prevent skipping track when switching them during mpv playback.
  - Mixerctl now availabe in custom interface.

News since version 5.2

  - emms-volume-mixerctl.el: mixerctl volume control.
  - emms-playlist-save: improve behavior.
  - emms-playing-time: add a count-down timer display style.
  - Try to auto-detect the appropriate volume control.

News since version 5.1

  - emms-browser.el: faster thumbnail cache lookups.
  - emms-player-mpd.el: Parse disc number for mpd tracks.
  - Make thing-at-point behavior more consistent.
  - Remove redundant functions in code.
  - Allow changing the mode-line icon.
  - Bug fix: emms-player-mode, more consistent behavior.
  - Bug fix: emms-browser, Don't rely on (interactive "r").

News since version 5.0

  - Add `emms-toggle-single-track'.
  - Fix the way emms-score skips tracks.
  - Safer key-binding for interactively killing the playlist buffer.
  - Bug fix: emms-show-all quit now behaves well.
  - Bug fix: Metalplaylist focus would error without a current buffer.
  - emms-playlist-sort sorts the visible playlist.
  - Rewrite emms-playlist-limit implementation. Now operates on the
    current buffer rather than the current playlist. Add
  - Rewrite mpv backend to use long-running mpv instances controlled
    over json-rpc protocol for newer versions.

News since version 4.4

  - Add Org-style "TAB" binding to cycle through the different levels of 
  - Bind emms-browser-move-up-level to "^".
  - Make "RET" (emms-add-tracks) add all tracks in region or with numeric 
    that many tracks.
  - Supersede emms-browser-delete-files with emms-browser-remove-tracks to
    remove tracks from browser without deleting files.  Use prefix argument to
    get the old behaviour.  Regions and numeric argument are supported.
  - Add emms-cache-reset.
  - Use the "album artist" instead of the "artist" browser node by default.
  - Bug fix: emms-volume-pulse multi-digit volume numbers.
  - Bug fix: emms-smart-browse "cascading" from a browser search.
  - Bug fix: fix fallback thumbnail filter.
  - Add mpv backend support.
  - Speed up info processing.
  - Add Opus info support via emms-info-opusinfo.el.
  - Code modernizations thanks to Pierre Neidhardt.
  - Tagging mp3 files v2.x files now works via mid3v2.
  - Add dynamic thumbnail caching.
  - Improve emms-metap...

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