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[NonGNU ELPA] Pdf-Tools version 1.0

From: ELPA update
Subject: [NonGNU ELPA] Pdf-Tools version 1.0
Date: Fri, 03 Dec 2021 17:04:05 -0500

Version 1.0 of package Pdf-Tools has just been released in NonGNU ELPA.
You can now find it in M-x package-list RET.

Pdf-Tools describes itself as:
  Support library for PDF documents

More at

Recent NEWS:

-*- org -*-

* Version 1.0
* Version 0.90
u** The displayed columns when listing annotations is now customizable
   See variable pdf-annot-list-format and
** Improved handling of default annotation properties
   A new variable pdf-annot-default-annotation-properties was
   introduced, subsuming and obsoleting
   pdf-annot-default-text-annotation-properties and
   pdf-annot-default-markup-annotation-properties.  The new variable
   let's the user choose default properties, e.g. a color, for all
   supported annotations separately.
** Provide a faster "boot-loader"
   The autoloaded function pdf-loader-install acts as a replacement
   for pdf-tools-install and makes Emacs load and use PDF Tools as
   soon as a PDF file is opened, but not sooner.
** Improved the process of (re)compiling the server
   This obsoletes the variable pdf-tools-handle-upgrades, which does
   nothing anymore.   
* Version 0.80
** Tablist package
   The files tablist.el and tablist-filter.el are no longer part of
   pdf-tools, but continue to live on in the tablist package, on which
   pdf-tools now depends on.
** View
*** Encrypted files
    When encountering an encrypted file, query for a password and
    attempt to decrypt it.
*** Backward sync from isearch
    In isearch, press M-s s to visit the source of the current match.
*** Disable unicode in mode-line
    New variable pdf-view-use-unicode-lighter which allows for
    disabling the use of unicode in the mode-line.
* Version 0.70
** View
*** Register integration
    The keys m and ' now set resp. jump to a register corresponding to
    a position in the PDF. Also '' is handled special: It jumps to the
    position before the last register-jump.
*** Export parts of a page as an image
** Info
*** Interface changes
    The return value of many pdf-info-* functions was changed in order
    to prefer alists over other data-structures (indexed lists,
** Virtual PDF
   A virtual PDF is a collection of pages (or parts thereof) of
   arbitrary documents, which appear to the rest of pdf-tools as one
   big PDF, though they are always read-only.

* Version 0.60
** Regexp support
   You may now search for perl-compatible regular expressions (PCRE)
   in PDF documents, both via Isearch and Occur.  If that scares you,
   customize the variable pdf-occur-prefer-string-search.
** Occur
*** Asynchronous search
    Searching is performed asynchronously in a private server
    instance, i.e. it doesn't block neither ordinary editing nor
*** Moccur
    Added the ability to search multiple documents in one occur
** Isearch
*** Occur Integration
    M-s o now starts occur, while keeping the isearch session, like it
    is in text-buffers.
*** Word search
    M-s w now does a word search, which will also find hyphenated
    words (as determined by pdf-isearch-hyphenation-character), though
    not at page boundaries.
** View
*** Navigate by pagelabels
    M-g l may be used to jump to a page by label, i.e. it's displayed
*** Rendering
    Added the ability to display the page as it would be printed
    (e.g. w/o annotations) and to apply a color filter
    (pdf-view-printer-minor-mode resp. pdf-view-midnight-minor-mode).
** Outline
   New option `pdf-outline-display-labels', determining whether to
   display labels instead of plain page-numbers.
* Version 0.50
** PDF Tools is now available on MELPA.
** SyncTeX
*** File name handling
   SyncTeX is pretty picky about source filenames.  So instead of
   trying various filenames and hoping for best, we find it by
   directly inspecting the database.
*** Heuristic backward search
    Backward searching now tries to find the exact position in the
    LaTeX buffer.  This may be disabled by setting
    pdf-sync-backward-use-heuristic to nil.
*** Renamed most variables/functions/commands.
    The old ones are still there but declared obsolete.
** Compatible with Emacs 24.3
** Integrate with b...

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