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[GNU ELPA] Org-Transclusion version 1.1.0

From: ELPA update
Subject: [GNU ELPA] Org-Transclusion version 1.1.0
Date: Wed, 29 Dec 2021 17:04:36 -0500

Version 1.1.0 of package Org-Transclusion has just been released in GNU ELPA.
You can now find it in M-x package-list RET.

Org-Transclusion describes itself as:
  Transclude text content via links

More at

Recent NEWS:

* Version 1.1.0

- Change ::
  - add:inhibit-read-only: fix:Org export errors with read-only
    With this, noweb expansion works now (limitation removed)

- Fix ::
  - fix:#105 org-element--cache issue for Org v9.6
    Remove use of silent-modificaiton & inhibit-modification-hook
  - fix:add-all not to stop with error in one trasclusion
  - fix:Remove extra space/line added to Org elements transcluded

- Other ::
  - README, Info doc user manual, online user manual

* Version 1.0.1

- Add .elpaignore
- Bump up version only to enable ELPA; no functional changes

* Version 1.0.0

- Initial version available on ELPA (

- Feature ::
  - : =:end= property and a search term to dynamically define a range of lines 
to transclude for text and
    source code block

- Change ::
  - Now user option =org-transclusion-include-first-section='s default value
    is changed to =t=. This seems to be more intuitive for more users

- Fix ::
  - =org-transclusion-before-kill= now checks if the buffer to be killed
    contains any transclusion AND it is visting a file before saving. This
    fixes some issues related to temp buffers, etc.    
  - fix: search options for src-lines extension for =:lines=, =:src=, and 
=:end= properties

* Changelog before Version 1.0.0

** 0.2.2
- New Features ::
  - #+transclude font-lock and new face =org-transclusion-keyword=
  - Selective extensions with =org-transclusion-extensions=
  - (optional extension) Support for org-indent
- Fix ::
  - fix: #93 open-source error "Live sync cannot start here"

** 0.2.1
- New Features ::
  - Transclude a source file into a =src= block
  - Transclude a range of lines for text and source files
  - Main relevant commits:
    + 6e0e4bf * | feat: :src, :lines, :rest props (WIP)

** 0.2.0
- Breaking changes ::
   Refer to the updated README on new features and changed command names
  - Change names of commands
  - Remove t/nil to #+transclude: syntax
  - Add :disable-auto
  - Main relevant commits:
    + 2ba90f0 * break: change command and function names
    + 6cdd836 * | intrnl: v0.2.0 (breaking change)
    + 765d8ee * add :disable-auto

- New features and improvements ::
  Refer to the updated README on new features and changed command names
  - 7e5c839 * feat: exclude-elements
  - 765d8ee * add :disable-auto
  - afd6d80 * add: :only-contents
  - cbb1c25 * add: apply :level to buffer with first section ::
    Fix #47 The first section itself does not get influenced by :level 
property.  The first headline, when present, is treated as the first headline, 
thus :exclude-element "headline" affects its sub-headlines; this means that the 
content of the first headline is transcluded even when with "headline" in the 
list of excluded elements.

** 0.1.2
- e08df47 * add: live-sync for non-Org text file ::
  So far Non-Org text files could be transcluded but live-sync was not 
available. This version enables live-sync for them. Only for the whole file at 
the moment (ability to specify parts of a text file is considered)

- a576b34 * add: text-clone library (rename) ::
  Live-sync features are now factored out into =text-clone= as a standalone 
library (available with =text-clone.el= also included in this repo). Refactored 
so that  =org-transclusion= uses (and requires)  =text-clone=.

** 0.1.1
- 49f03b1 * feat: current-indentation ::
  Org-transclusion now keeps the original indentation of the keyword. When a 
transclusion text region is removed, its keyword will be indented as it was

- d55fc39 * chg: save-buffer hooks ::
  Instead of blindly deactivate and activate all transclusions with t flag, 
this variable is meant to provide mechanism to deactivate/activate only the 
transclusions currently in effect to copy a text content.

- 64fd182 * add: remove live-sync overlays when deleted ::
  Closes issue [[][#8]]  
Adding a mechanism to remove both of the live-sync overlays (transclusion and 
source) when transclusion is completely deleted. This solves the problem of a 
source overlay to be orphaned in such cases.

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