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[NonGNU ELPA] Annotate version 1.5.0

From: ELPA update
Subject: [NonGNU ELPA] Annotate version 1.5.0
Date: Fri, 04 Feb 2022 17:11:29 -0500

Version 1.5.0 of package Annotate has just been released in NonGNU ELPA.
You can now find it in M-x package-list RET.

Annotate describes itself as:
  annotate files without changing them

More at

Recent NEWS:

Table of Contents

2015-06-12 V0.1 Bastian Bechtold
      First working release.

2015-06-12 V0.1.1 Bastian Bechtold
      Improve documentation and add license.

2015-06-12 V0.1.2 Bastian Bechtold
      Fix typo and version error.

2015-06-15 V0.1.3 Bastian Bechtold
      Improve README and auto-remove empty annotations created by
      earlier bug.

2015-06-15 V0.1.4 Bastian Bechtold
      Minor bug fixes.

2015-06-15 V0.1.5 Bastian Bechtold
      Annotations now work on long lines.

2015-06-19 V0.2.0 Bastian Bechtold
      Annotations can be exported as unified diff files.  Several
      smaller bug fixes.

2015-06-19 V0.2.1 Bastian Bechtold
      Now with fewer compile warnings (turns out, not really).

2015-06-19 V0.2.2 Bastian Bechtold
      Now with more compile warnings (0.2.1 didn't work).

2015-07-02 V0.2.3 Bastian Bechtold
      Can now disable minibuffer messages.

2015-09-17 V0.2.4 Bastian Bechtold
      Load and Clear don't mark buffer as modified any more.

2015-09-21 V0.3.0 Bastian Bechtold
      Add key bindings for jumping to next/previous annotation.

2015-09-22 V0.3.1 Bastian Bechtold
      Change key bindings for jumping as to conform with Emacs'

      Didn't change the main key binding though, because I don't know a
      good alternative.

2015-09-23 V0.4.0 Bastian Bechtold
       Completely reworked the display engine for annotations. You can
      now have several annotations per line, and annotations should not
      move any more when editing the line they are on. Finally,
      annotations can now span several lines.

2015-10-06 V0.4.3 Bastian Bechtold
      Bugfixes. No more hidden newlines, no more annotations in
      undo-list, no more error messages with annotations at bol, mark
      deactivated after creating annotation, annotations auto-reflow on
      frame size change.

2015-10-06 V0.4.4 Bastian Bechtold
      Added a new export system. Let's see if it turns out to be more
      useful than the previous one.

2016-08-25 V0.4.5 Bastian Bechtold
      Bugfix release for unicode annotations and multiline annotations.

2016-09-07 V0.4.6 Bastian Bechtold
      Bugfix release for annotations ending on an empty line.

2016-10-06 V0.4.7 Bastian Bechtold
      Bugfix release for buffers without a file name.

2019-12-09 V0.5.0 Bastian Bechtold, cage
      • prevented crash when a window (containing annotations) is
      • prevented loss of undo tree when annotations is modified;
      • positioning of annotation is customizable;
      • added a summary window to display annotations; the summary
        results can be filtered by a simple query language. Deleting or
        modifying of annotation text is possible;
      • info files can be annotated (thanks to randomwangran);
      • annotated text on the same lines are highlighted with two
        different, alternating, colors;
      • annotate try to check file modifications using checksum and
        warns user if the file has been modified when annotate minor
        mode was not loaded;
      • a simple heuristic is used to search for annotated text when
        annotate mode is loaded.

2020-01-22 V0.5.1 Bastian Bechtold, cage
      • fixed bug that prevented correct fontifications for major modes
        that puts overlays on the buffer's text (e.g. SLIME).

2020-02-10 V0.5.2 Bastian Bechtold, cage
      • fixed bugs that makes some annotations overlaps;
      • fixed some bugs in fontifications of multiline annotation;
      • when the only user interactions, before saving, with a visited
        file was the call of 'annotate-clear-annotations' the
        annotations will shows again at reload, this should be fixed

2020-03-06 V0.5.3 Bastian Bechtold, cage
      • Partially fixed bug that prevented annotation of buffer when
        org-mode was used;
      • when an user delete an annotation for a file using a button from
        summary window force refresh of a buffer that is visiting said
        file, if exists, to reflect the changes;
      • fixed flowings of annotations when window's width is changed.

2020-03-06 V0.6.0 Bastian Bechtold, cage
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