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[NonGNU ELPA] Markdown-Mode version 2.5

From: ELPA update
Subject: [NonGNU ELPA] Markdown-Mode version 2.5
Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2022 17:04:32 -0500

Version 2.5 of package Markdown-Mode has just been released in NonGNU ELPA.
You can now find it in M-x package-list RET.

Markdown-Mode describes itself as:
  Major mode for Markdown-formatted text

More at

Recent NEWS:

# Markdown Mode 2.5

*   **Breaking changes:**
    -   `markdown-do` supports following link [GH-666][]
        This changes behavior of `markdown-do` at table

*   New features:
    -   Introduce `markdown-mouse-follow-link` variable [GH-290][]
    -   Option to define a `markdown-link-make-text-function` function
        to automatically define a default link text before prompting the user.
    -   Option to inhibit the prompt for a tooltip text via
    -   Introduce `markdown-ordered-list-enumeration` variable [GH-587][]
    -   Search wiki link under project
    -   Add `markdown-insert-foldable-block` function [GH-598][]
    -   Add `markdown-table-align-p` flag [GH-625][]
        Control table alignment after table operation
    -   Support highlighting syntax like Obsidian, Quilt. [GH-652][]

*   Improvements:
    -   Correct indirect buffer's indentation in `markdown-edit-code-block` 
    -   Cleanup test code
    -   Strip query parameters from local file name at displaying inline images 
    -   Improve forward/backward sentences which are wrapped markup characters 
    -   Improve fontification for nested meta data [GH-476][]
    -   `markdown-cycle` accepts universal-argument like org-cycle [GH-530][]
    -   Improve mode check for derived modes [GH-532][]
    -   Improve for file which contains many comments [GH-536][]
    -   Improve for file which contains many pre blocks [GH-512][]
    -   Enable flyspell check at yaml metadata[GH-560][]
    -   Clean up Makefile
    -   Support to display local image with percent encoding file path
    -   Add ability to resize inline image display 
(`markdown-toggle-inline-images`) without Imagemagick installed in the computer 
(emulating Org Mode)
    -   Support including braces around the language specification in GFM code 
    -   Improve `markdown-insert-{bold,italic}` when region starts with 
    -   Disable buffer-read-only if possible when markdown-mode is called 
    -   Generate the `defface` via a macro rather than a function.
    -   Memoize `markdown--first-displayable` to avoid performance
    -   Allow the use of `add-function` on
    -   Comment out redundant bindings and use the more standard `RET`
        name for `C-m`.
    -   Give `markdown-table-at-point-p-function` a non-nil default.
        Simplify `markdown-table-at-point-p` accordingly.
    -   Auto set `sh-shell` when `markdown-edit-code-block` enter indirect 
buffer with `sh-mode`
    -   Add value check and avoid raising the exception at 
`markdown-edit-code-block` [GH-663][]
    -   Add NonGNU ELPA badge to README and website
    -   Support plus/negative(also Unicode minus sign) exponent in super script 

*   Bug fixes:
    -   Fix issue with `nil` being returned from 
`markdown-imenu-create-nested-index` [GH-578][]
    -   Fix remaining flyspell overlay in code block or comment issue [GH-311][]
    -   Fix inline URL regular expression which starts/ends with spaces 
    -   Fix GFM italic fontification for one character [GH-524][]
    -   Fix `markdown-table-forward-cell` at last column issue [GH-522][]
    -   Fix GFM bold fontification with underscore issue [GH-525][]
    -   Fix wrong fontification words between strong markups [GH-534][]
    -   Fix wrong italic fontification just after code block [GH-548][]
    -   Fix too indended list face issue [GH-569][]
    -   Fix creating imenu index issue when there is no level-1 header 
    -   Fix highlighting consecutive HTML comments[GH-584][]
    -   Fix `markdown-follow-thing-at-point` failing on subdir search [GH-590][]
    -   Fix `markdown-table-backward-cell` so it always goes back a single cell
    -   Fix `markdown-table-align` to detect delimiters surrounded by spaces
    -   Fix customization for `markdown-mouse-follow-link` and

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