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[GNU ELPA] Dtache version 0.6

From: ELPA update
Subject: [GNU ELPA] Dtache version 0.6
Date: Mon, 02 May 2022 05:02:34 -0400

Version 0.6 of package Dtache has just been released in GNU ELPA.
You can now find it in M-x package-list RET.

Dtache describes itself as:
  Run and interact with detached shell commands

More at

Recent NEWS:

                         DTACHE.EL - CHANGELOG

Table of Contents

1. Development
2. Version 0.6 (2022-05-01)
3. Version 0.5 (2022-02-02)
4. Version 0.4 (2022-01-22)
5. Version 0.3 (2022-01-15)
6. Version 0.2 (2021-12-23)
7. Version 0.1 (2021-12-15)

1 Development

2 Version 0.6 (2022-05-01)

  • Eshell integration has been updated. The package now supports
    expansion of `eshell' aliases. However `dtache' will no longer run
    if commands are `elisp' functions.
  • Example configuration for `dtache' integration with `vterm' added.
  • The package now uses `ansi-color' to handle ANSI escape
    sequences. This feature is enabled by default but can be turned of
    if `dtache-filter-ansi-sequences' is set to nil.

3 Version 0.5 (2022-02-02)

  • Add support for `org' through the `dtache-org' extension. This makes
    it possible to use `dtache' with `org-babel' (shell) source code
  • Support for multiple Emacs sessions. When a `dtache' session is
    created, it will now become visible in all active Emacs sessions.

4 Version 0.4 (2022-01-22)

  • `dtache' takes care of setting up the keybindings for its users. The
    detach key can be customized through `dtache-detach-key'
  • `dtache' now has full on macOS. The previous issue of not being able
    to utilize `filenotify' has been resolved.
  • `dtache' now uses `notifications' library to issue notifications by
  • `dtache' now uses `filenotify' for notifications except on local
    macOS hosts.

5 Version 0.3 (2022-01-15)

  • `dtache' now uses `filenotify' for both local and remote
    sessions. If run on `macOS' timers are used both for local as well
    as remote sessions.
  • Add version for `dtache-session' objects. This makes dtache not
    break whenever non-backwards compatible changes are made to the
    dtache-session object.
  • The commands for launching sessions are now renamed to resemble the
    non dtache commands. The commands are `dtache-shell-command',
    `dtache-shell-send-input', `dtache-eshell-send-input',
  • Add action value to a session. This value is set to
    dtache-session-action which is a property list optionally specifying
    attach, view and run properties. These properties are then used in
    dwim commands to improve their functionality.
  • Add a generic detach command, `dtache-detach-session'. This command
    is supposed to be used to detach from sessions in all supported
  • Add `dtache-compile.el'. This library provides commands
    `dtache-compile' and `dtache-compile-recompile' which are supposed
    to be used instead of `compile=/=recompile'.
  • Improve `dtache-shell-command', the command is now very similar to
    `async-shell-command' and can be considered a replacement of the
  • Add integration with the `consult' package through
  • Add support for `eshell' through the `dtache-eshell' package.
  • macOS (monitor) support is added to the package.

6 Version 0.2 (2021-12-23)

  • With the recent improvements to `dtache-open-session', the package
    is ready to harmonize the user interface. This means deprecating
  • Remove external dependency to `embark'. The package now implements
    an action map that can be used with/without embark.
  • Remove external dependency to `marginalia'. The package now provides
    annotations for all users.
  • Fix error in `dtache-env' usage. The integration wasn't correct
    which resulted in `dtache' failing to execute some commands properly
  • Make `dtache-env' optional rather than required. `Dtache' should be
    fine without it, just that automatic status labeling will not be run

7 Version 0.1 (2021-12-15)

  • Initial release

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