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Special release of my customizations to GNU Emacs.

From: Davin Pearson
Subject: Special release of my customizations to GNU Emacs.
Date: Fri, 6 May 2022 11:31:16 +1200

Click on the following link to view my customizations to GNU Emacs

You should really extract the tarball to ~/java-training-wheels

The name is unfortunate as my java-training-wheels preprocessor is not yet working, just the dlisp part is working, where dlisp stands for _D_avin's version of Elisp.

One feature of my code is that M-y is rebound to create a new
buffer listing all of the entries in the kill ring.  It is this
code that I am submitting for consideration of adding my feature
to GNU Emacs.  The rest of the code is sometimes necessary
to get dmp-kill-ring--file.el online.

Features of my code include the following:

DONE: M-y is bound to a new function dmp-kill-ring--key--meta-y
DONE: (shift/control/meta) - up/down & prior/next are bound to sensible bindings
DONE: f9, shift/control/meta f9 bound to compile
DONE: Binding the following colours: dmp-foo--bar--zip in the following colours: RED(dmp-foo) & GRN(bar) & BLU(zip) etc.
DONE: Insert takes you to the electric buffers menu
DONE: Insert Insert takes you to the second buffer in the (buffer-list)
DONE: Files in the electric-buffer-list are coloured according to each file's location.
DONE: Defuns hungry-delete-backwards and hungry-delete-forwards: respectively for control/shift/meta (backspace and delete)
DONE: Major use of syntax highlighting (especially in emacs-lisp-mode).  Try loading the .../java-training-wheels/dlisp/coolmacs/*.el files to see my preferences for syntax highlighting.
DONE: Sound samples are played at different milestones...

You will need to move ~/java-training-wheels/.emacs to ~/.emacs or otherwise load ~/java-training-wheels/.emacs into Emacs.


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