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[GNU ELPA] Boxy-Headings version 2.1.3

From: ELPA update
Subject: [GNU ELPA] Boxy-Headings version 2.1.3
Date: Tue, 10 May 2022 17:02:32 -0400

Version 2.1.3 of package Boxy-Headings has just been released in GNU ELPA.
You can now find it in M-x package-list RET.

Boxy-Headings describes itself as:
  View org files in a boxy diagram

More at

Recent NEWS:

# -*- mode: org -*-

* 2.1.2

- Added NEWS file
- Fixed bug where sibling relationships were not being added

* 2.1.1


Fix typo that caused 'left' and 'right' to not be valid REL property values.

See merge request tygrdev/boxy-headings!5

* 2.1.0


Bug fixes
- Added org 9.3 dependency for emacs 26.

- Generalized `REL` property using regex to match, for example, all of "in 
front" "in front of" and "in-front".
- Added max visibility option

Fixes #2

See merge request tygrdev/boxy-headings!4

* 2.0.0


- Renamed boxy-headlines to boxy-headings
- Standardized defface calls

See merge request tygrdev/boxy-headings!3

* 1.0.2

Updated elpaignore

See merge request tygrdev/boxy-headlines!2

* 1.0.1


- Added changes from Stefan Monnier
- Changed from cl-defmethod to defun

See merge request tygrdev/boxy-headlines!1

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