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[GNU ELPA] Org-Remark version 1.0.5

From: ELPA update
Subject: [GNU ELPA] Org-Remark version 1.0.5
Date: Sat, 14 May 2022 05:10:50 -0400

Version 1.0.5 of package Org-Remark has just been released in GNU ELPA.
You can now find it in M-x package-list RET.

Org-Remark describes itself as:
  Highlight & annotate any text files

More at

Recent NEWS:

  - fix: "Wrong type argument: stringp, nil" on highlightintg in scratch

Version 1.0.3
  - fix #23: "Wrong type argument: stringp, nil" on org export
  - fix:#22: highlights not found when marginalia does not show all

Version 1.0.2
  - Update README, user manual, and doc strings in source

Version 1.0.1
  - Update user manual

Version 1.0.0
  - chg: align with GNU convention: path -> file name

         Regarding user option `org-remark-notes-file-path`, the GNU convention
         is to call this a "file name" rather than a "path"; "path" is only used
         for lists of directories as in `load-path` (pointed out by Stefan
         Monnier; thank you).

         To align with the GNU convention, the following changes are done.
         Users should not have to change their existing customization as the old
         names are aliased to the new ones.

         User option:
         - org-remark-notes-file-path -> org-remark-notes-file-name
         - org-remark-source-path-function -> 'org-remark-source-file-name

         - org-remark-notes-file-path-function -> 

         Private Function:
         - org-remark-notes-get-file-path -> org-remark-notes-get-file-name

         `org-remark-notes-file-path`, `org-remark-source-path-function`, and
         `org-remark-notes-file-path-function` are used by existing
         customization, thus both explicitly made obsolete and aliased to the
         new file-name equivalents.

  - fix: Relative file name of the source file in the notes file

         The relative file name of the source was not relative from the 
marginal notes
         file but from the source file itself -- this should be relative from 
         marginal notes.

  - chg: `org-remark-global-tracking-mode' has been simplified.

         This is not expected to break the user's workflow or configuration
         -- simply removing a superfluous feature.

         .org-remark-tracking file is no longer necessary and can be safely
         deleted from the user's Emacs configuraiton directory if present.
         Automatic activation of `org-remark-mode' is done by looking the
         presence of a marginal notes file for current buffer open.

         `org-remark-global-tracking-mode' itself is still relevant and
         recommended to be setup as was previously in the user manual.

  - add: Option to use relative links from the marginal notes back to the source

         Adding user option org-remark-source-path-function.  The default is

  - add: Adding a new option to org-remark-notes-file-path to use a function

         Its default function is org-remark-notes-file-path-function.  It
         returns a file name like this: "" by adding
         "" as a suffix to the file name without the extension.

Version 0.2.0
  - add: org-remark-delete
  - rm: Adding Org-ID automatically to file level when file is empty

Version 0.1.0
* Features & additions

  - docs: comprehensive user manual (online - Info to be added on ELPA release)

  - feat: org-remark-create macro to let users create their own custom pens

  - feat: minor-mode menu for menu-bar-mode

          This works as mouse context-menu for the new context-menu-mode (>=
          Emacs 28)

  - add: browse-next/prev: move and display next/prev marginal notes at the same

  - add: view/open to display side-window by default (user option)

  - add: org-remark-link property in marginal notes file with ::line-number
         search option

  - feat: org-remark-legacy-convert as a separate feature

          This is for automatically converting legacy Org-marginalia file to

  - feat: Legacy data facility with org-remark-tracking

* Changes

  - chg: `remove' (and delete) only removes one highlight at a time instead of
         remove all at point

  - chg: Save marginal notes on `mark' instead of wainting for `save'

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