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[GNU ELPA] Org-Transclusion version 1.3.0

From: ELPA update
Subject: [GNU ELPA] Org-Transclusion version 1.3.0
Date: Sun, 12 Jun 2022 17:05:30 -0400

Version 1.3.0 of package Org-Transclusion has just been released in GNU ELPA.
You can now find it in M-x package-list RET.

Org-Transclusion describes itself as:
  Transclude text content via links

More at

Recent NEWS:

* Version 1.3.0

  - Feature ::

    - add: #145 a new property and filter to expand links to absolute file 
names (Org only)
      use :expand-links per transclusion

  - Fix ::
    - fix: #131. For non-Org files, now the transcluded text respects the indent
         level of the #+transclude keyword.  This does not affect Org files.

* Version 1.2.0

  - Feature ::

    - add: org-transclusion-after-add-hook

  - Fix ::

    - fix: org-transclusion-map now inherits org-mode-map (thanks to ag91 [1])
    - fix: reverting 252ec675; shouldn't remove the extra space at the end of
           transclusions from Org
    - fix: #115 allow adding #+name, etc. before #+transclude keyword
           (don't remove affiliated keywords when org-transclusoin-remove)

* Version 1.1.1

  - Fix ::

    - Fix rare but destructive issue where buffer text content could be deleted
      by removing a transclusion.  This could happen by killing a second Emacs
      instance (batch or online) or buffer, while the first Emacs keeps
      transclusions added

  - Other:

    - User Manual now refers to v1.1.x

* Version 1.1.0

  - Change ::

    - add:inhibit-read-only: fix:Org export errors with read-only
      With this, noweb expansion works now (limitation removed)

  - Fix ::

    - fix:#105 org-element--cache issue for Org v9.6
      Remove use of silent-modificaiton & inhibit-modification-hook
    - fix:add-all not to stop with error in one trasclusion
    - fix:Remove extra space/line added to Org elements transcluded

  - Other ::
    - README, Info doc user manual, online user manual
* Version 1.0.1

  - Add .elpaignore
  - Bump up version only to enable ELPA; no functional changes

* Version 1.0.0

  - Initial version available on ELPA (

  - Feature ::

    - =:end= property and a search term to dynamically define a range of lines 
to transclude for text and
      source code block

  - Change ::

    - Now user option =org-transclusion-include-first-section='s default value
      is changed to =t=. This seems to be more intuitive for more users

  - Fix ::

    - =org-transclusion-before-kill= now checks if the buffer to be killed
      contains any transclusion AND it is visting a file before saving. This
      fixes some issues related to temp buffers, etc.    
    - fix: search options for src-lines extension for =:lines=, =:src=, and 
=:end= properties

† Changes before Version 1.0.0 are in CHANGELOG file.

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