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[GNU ELPA] Denote version 0.2.1

From: ELPA update
Subject: [GNU ELPA] Denote version 0.2.1
Date: Tue, 05 Jul 2022 17:02:55 -0400

Version 0.2.1 of package Denote has just been released in GNU ELPA.
You can now find it in M-x package-list RET.

Denote describes itself as:
  Simple notes with an efficient file-naming scheme

More at

Recent NEWS:

                          CHANGE LOG OF DENOTE

This document contains the release notes for each tagged commit on the
project's main git repository: <>.

The newest release is at the top.  For further details, please consult
the manual: <>.

Version 0.2.0 on 2022-07-04

  ⁃ Version `0.1.0' (from 2022-06-27) was never built as a package.  The
    reason is that the GNU ELPA machinery reads the `Version:' header of
    the main file, not the git tag.  As the original commit in
    `denote.el' included `Version: 0.1.0', GNU ELPA rightly tries to
    build the package using that reference.  But because at that time I
    had not yet updated the Copyright header to name the Free Software
    Foundation, the package could not be prepared.  As such, please
    consider this release to be the "first formal stable version".  My
    apologies for the delay, contrary to what was promised in the last
    change log entry.

    • Prospective users are advised to read the manual:
      <>.  For a video

    • Thanks to Benjamin Kästner for reporting the issue with the GNU
      ELPA package on the mailing list:

  ⁃ Originally, Denote was designed to only work with notes in a flat
    directory.  With code contributions from Jean-Philippe Gagné Guay,
    support for subdirectories of the user option `denote-directory' is
    now available.  This covers the case of creating links between
    notes, following them, and viewing the backlinks' buffer of the
    current entry.

    • Thanks to Jean-Philippe for the contributions which took place on
      the GitHub mirror:

      ⁃ <>
      ⁃ <>
      ⁃ <>

    • Jean-Philippe Gagné Guay has assigned copyright to the Free
      Software Foundation.  This is a prerequisite to contribute code to
      any package on the official GNU ELPA archive (and to emacs.git for
      that matter).

  ⁃ The new `denote-subdirectory' command lets the user select a
    directory to place the new note in.  Available candidates are the
    value of the `denote-directory' as well as all of its
    subdirectories, minus `.git'.  In future versions, we will consider
    how to provide a blocklist or a regexp filter for the user to
    specify which subdirectories should be omitted from minibuffer
    completion.  Please consider providing your feedback on the

    • Thanks to Jean-Philippe Gagné Guay and Shreyas Ragavan for the
      feedback in issue 31 on the GitHub mirror:

    • Thanks to Jean-Philippe Gagné Guay for fixing a potential problem
      in how directories are represented when commands enter the
      directory instead of selecting it (again, at the GitHub mirror):

  ⁃ From 2022-06-24 to 2022-07-03, Denote provided support for links
    between Org notes that leveraged the `id:' hyperlink type.
    Discussions on the mailing list and the GitHub mirror revealed the
    longer-term problems in our implementation.  In the Annex below, I
    provide my detailed opinion on the matter.  The gist is that Denote
    does not—and will not—create `id:' links between its notes, but
    shall use the `denote:' hyperlink type instead (which works like the
    standard `file:' type).  As the Annex explains, Denote is not
    org-roam lite and we try not to engender such false expectations.

    • Despite the fact that the relevant patches are no longer
      applicable, I wish to thank Kaushal Modi and Jean-Philippe Gagné
      Guay for their
  …  …

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