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[GNU ELPA] Js2-Mode version 20220710

From: ELPA update
Subject: [GNU ELPA] Js2-Mode version 20220710
Date: Sun, 10 Jul 2022 05:03:52 -0400

Version 20220710 of package Js2-Mode has just been released in GNU ELPA.
You can now find it in M-x package-list RET.

Js2-Mode describes itself as:
  Improved JavaScript editing mode

More at

Recent NEWS:

# History of user-visible changes

## 2022-07-10

* Fix for node position of `js2-new-node`
* Support the d (hasIndices) and s (dotAll) regexp flags
* Support for `_` separator in numbers (i.e., numeric separator)

## 2021-12-29

* Imenu support for mocha-like (includes Jasmine and Cypress) test
  files: i.e., `M-x imenu` will now list test blocks defined with
  `describe()` and `it()`
* Minor improvements in `js2-jump-to-definition`
* Support for private class members
* Support for dynamic imports and `import.meta`
* Support for trailing comma in arrow function parameters
* Support for `for await of` syntax 

## 2020-12-20

* Support for logical assignment operators 
* Support for the nullish coalescing operator 
* Emacs 27 now provides improved JSX indentation support, along with
  new JSX highlighting and detection support. Install Emacs 27 and use
  `js-mode` with `js2-minor-mode` (see README), rather than
* Using `js2-jsx-mode` will now trigger a warning in Emacs 27.
* Support for optional-chaining operator `?.`

## 2019-02-19

* Changed the default of `js2-strict-trailing-comma-warning` to nil.

## 2018-03-01

* Support single-line JSDocs.
* New face `js2-object-property-access`.
* Support for trailing comma in function arguments
* JSDoc highlighting for `@yield`, `@yields`, `@abstract`, `@virtual` and 
* Support for anonymous class exports.

## 2017-07-21

* Support for async arrow function without parentheses.
* Support for `/*jslint` declarations.
* User option `js2-getprop-has-side-effects`.
* Support for trailing commas in function parameter lists.
* Support for ES7 public class fields.
* New user option `js2-ignored-warnings`.

## 2017-01-16

* `js2-include-*-externs` are now evaluated on demand.  As a result,
  they can now be effectively used as file- or directory-local
* Support for ES7 exponentiation operator.

## 2016-06-23

* New variable `js2-mode-assume-strict`, for use with ES6 modules.
* Support for JSDoc @callback, @func and @method tags.
* Object properties are highlighted using a different face:
  `js2-object-property`, which has no color by default.
* Experimental support for object rest/spread ECMAScript proposal.
* `js2-getter-setter-node` is renamed to `js2-method-node`, together with
  its related functions.  It already handles generator methods, and we
  added support for async methods (see below), so the old name would get
  more confusing.
* Support for default parameters in destructuring.  It should work for both
  objects and arrays, in both literals and function arguments.
* New mode: `js2-jsx-mode`, deriving from `js2-mode`.  Supports indentation of
  JSXElement expressions wrapped within parentheses or as function arguments.
  Indentation is customizable via `sgml-attribute-offset`.
* Experimental support for async/await ECMAScript proposal.

## 20150909

* `js2-mode` now derives from `js-mode`. That means the former
  function will run `js-mode-hook`, as well as `js2-mode-hook`. The
  key bindings will default to `js-mode-map` where they're not set in
  `js2-mode-map`. And in Emacs 25 or later (including the snapshot
  builds), `js2-mode` uses the indentation code from `js-mode`.  Where
  feasible, the user options (and functions) now have aliases, but if
  you're using Emacs 25 and you see an indentation-related setting
  that stopped working, try looking for a corresponding one in the

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